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It's all over.

But what a ride!  This 3-week, repertory event was our most successful production ever, thanks to the 500 patrons who came out to support us. 

The staged reading events were a hit, too!  We'll be producing full versions of those shows in our next season.

Thank you for the positive word of mouth, the laughter, the tears, and the discussions.  Hopefully our next show, Twelfth Night, can bring a bit more of the same.  Performances begin May 13th, and tickets go on sale soon...

(All Artwork by Cierra Wiley)


This repertory production was the most ambitious thing we've done yet.

But thanks to our incredibly supportive patrons and donors, Sylvia and How I Learned to Drive enjoyed a fantastic run! Our average nightly attendance sky-rocketed from last season, word of mouth was incredible, and the positive feedback continues to pour in.

Thank you to the more than 500 patrons who spent the time, money, and effort to make this success happen.  You helped us create a wonderful experience, night after night, for 3 weeks.  ...2 productions, 2 staged reading events...and the season's not over yet.       

Please consider coming back to see our final show of the season, Twelfth Night, in May.  Tickets will go on sale in March for the same low price we've had for years:  just $20.  Meantime...